Kitchensafe cook top fire suppression offers more features!

Kitchensafe cook top fire suppression. Video information conferencing and training. Full time support.

The KITCHENSAFE fire suppression system has features the others don't!

"Anything can happen........anything happens all the time!" 

Tom Coffin

Kitchensafe is the most comprehensive kitchen cook top and hood fire suppression system in the United States.


Kitchensafe has been installed for the past 5 years in universities, churches, 911 call centers, assisted living properties, schools, catering kitchens, custom yachts,  professional sports team training facilities, apartments, and private homes. 

HUNDREDS of dollars less than ANY other kitchen cook top fire suppression system.

Kitchensafe essential features listed below

  • Installs on ANY cook top and hood up to 48 inches .
  • The Kitchensafe unit can be installed up to 15 feet away from the stove top and hood which allows for more installation options.
  • Fuel source shut off (gas or electric) protects against a re-ignition  of a fire.
  • Fixed nozzle system can not be moved out of place by accident. Fire Marshals everywhere want this  feature
  • Auxiliary gas detection terminal.
  • Low cylinder pressure warning.
  • Connects to central alarm.
  • Audible elevated heat warning
  • Rapid fire knock down (about 5 seconds).
  • Environmentally friendly suppression agent cleans with soap and water. Will not damage appliance, counter-tops or flooring.
  • Audible service reminder.
  • Kitchensafe stove top fire suppression self monitors 24/7 and alerts to any item that may need attention.
  • Kitchensafe is totally self-contained  and does not require expensive  "add on modules".
  • Kitchensafe is HUNDREDS of dollars less than any other system on the market with more features.
  • Telephone support anytime.
  • Your order is handled by one person only to insure that you have an excellent experience.

For more information, pricing or a proposal please contact

Tom Coffin email: Phone: 480-694-5234