Features other kitchen fire suppression systems don't have.

Video conferencing

We offer video conferencing. Review the Kitchensafe system in your office or the comfort of your home.

Kitchensafe more features, lower price.

When the kitchen plan calls for a residential range and hood fire suppression system for either a commercial or residential property, The Kitchensafe cook top fire suppression system has more features at a lower price than others.

· Kitchensafe has an attractive stainless-steel cabinet that can be mounted directly on the kitchen wall.

Kitchensafe has a fixed nozzle system, there is NO chance of the nozzles being moved out of position by accident. Fire Marshals everywhere appreciate this feature.

Kitchensafe self-monitors all systems 24/7 and alerts of ANY issue that may need attention. 

Kitchensafe protects cook tops up to 48 inches wide.

Kitchensafe has an audible warning if cook top heat becomes elevated.

Kitchensafe can be installed up to 15 feet from the cook top, this allows multiple installation options.

Kitchensafe is completely self-contained, with no costly add-on modules.

Kitchensafe warns of low suppressant cylinder pressure.

Kitchensafe can be Installed on an island hood. 

Kitchensafe suppressant agent is environmentally safe and does not harm counter tops, flooring or appliance. Cleans up easily with easy soap and water.

Kitchensafe partners with the largest suppression installation companies in the United States to insure an excellent experience every time. 

Kitchensafe offers live video training sessions and informational sessions.

Kitchensafe includes full time phone support. 

Kitchensafe is approved to all UL300a standards.

Kitchensafe is hundreds of dollars less than ANY other system on the market, 


Kitchensafe has ONE person process your order which insures no miscommunication. 

There is NO charge for The Kitchensafe system if you are not totally satisfied.

We do not invoice until the Kitchensafe system is completely installed and approved by your Fire Marshal. 

Just in case you missed it the system is Kitchensafe!         Message or text Tom Coffin 480-694-5234

email: tom@kitchensafe.net


Kitchensafe you tube video

Kitchensafe video explains the function of the system operation.